Advantage Educational Programs is a national educational consulting service created to help high school students gain admission to the colleges of their choice. Advantage's ACT Preparatory Course is specifically designed for students who are striving for admission to competitive colleges and universities, for those who feel uneasy about their test-taking skills, and for those who have previously taken the exams and are disappointed with their scores.


The Advantage was founded in 1988 by Gary F. Campbell. In 1984, he began working as director of an educational service in private and public high schools in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. While working with students in the areas of reading and study skills, he became aware of the need for a low-cost, high-quality program that would prepare students for the ACT. To fill that need, he created Advantage Educational Programs.


Today, the instructors for the Advantage are all college-degreed educators who have been specially trained to meet the individual needs of college-bound students.  Their training and dedication enable them to help students perform to the best of their abilities on the college entrance exams.


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